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new project design

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cold to get into the workshop poor light and cant finish of the projects on the go but no rush

so saw a drawing in a carving magazine and took a photo for future work need to scale it to the size I want.

started a drawing of a dragon for a carving not right yet but its more rewarding than watching tv at night so with some modifications to do here they are

Rectangle Ingredient Serveware Petal Art
Wood Tree Font Plant Triangle
Organism Art Font Creative arts Automotive design
Jaw Extinction Art Organism Gesture


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I picked up a copy of "Carving" magazine yesterday and cut out horse pattern also. Thinking of doing a larger one as a gift for my sister.
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I really like your design cobalt. Have you considered small diameter brass or stainless steel wire? Say 1/16".that's about 1.58mm I think You can shape the end fairly easy then cut to the length yo want for each tooth. the metal teeth would make it stand out. Or once cut you could spray paint them. That may be to small maybe coat hanger wood be a better size.
Nice job on the teeth cobalt, good looking Dragon. look forward to seeing it finished.
Nice looking setup cobalt. Be sure to ware a mask when using it,
Awesome looking dragon cobalt. You did a great job on the teeth. Look forward to seeing it finished.
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