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Greetings, My name is David Stehly, I am located in Bethlehem, PA and I have been carving walking sticks seriously and showing them since the mid seventies. I'm pleased to have been invited to join this forum. I hope to learn some things here as well as to help others if the occasion arises. The best way I can introduce myself is to invite you to stop by my website and see what I do. www.artsticks.com
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Welcome to the site David! I just took a look at your work, and you are quite talented!
Welcome David, good to see you here too. David is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement, plus a great carver.

Welcome aboard David. You make three walking stick makers whom I've had the pleasure of meeting online, who hale from Pennsylvania. Two of you are on this forum. The third makes them just for Marines, so far as I know.

I'll check out your website and look forward to seeing your craftsmanship displayed here.

Vance Hall
Welcome David. Great looking carvings and sticks.
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