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New walking staff

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Just got a little crazy for a few days this summer. Had a cedar sapling that had died on the root in the woods. Bark beetles had already done their own carving. But the stick is still very solid.


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Nice job on the spear top. Looks like a great stick.
Very nice looking piece Moro. What are the feather, claw and tooth carved from? Are they cedar as well?
Thanks folks.... MJC4, Thanks for recognizing all three of the adornments, and yes they are from cedar as well. The spider was a symbol of the Southern Ceremonial Complex of the Native Americans living in the Southeast United States prior to European contact.
Yeah, the accessories are dynamite. The red w. white is striking by itself, and then well carved. Good work.
nice one. the spider certainly adds to it
Great stick! Not everyone can take a dead stick and turn it into a piece of art! Well done!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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