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Hello . I've been making sticks for quite a while ,make them to sell , and to give to other disabled vets . I'm Aebe , in Oregon

been making them of sticks , finding it harder to get permission to go pruning for sticks every year , so I have started using hardwood lumber - maple , walnut , ipe' , padauk , all nice wood to work , and nasty sawdust .
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Hi, Aebe,

Spent a few wonderful days in Oregon this summer. Where I was, Portland area, was wonderful. Unfortunately, never got to get out to walk thru the woods, just drove thru. Too bad your are having problems foraging. Not many open areas near me that aren't fenced property, or nature preserves. Fortunately for me, there are usually a few big thunder storms each summer that take down lots of trees. Had a doozy a few months ago, and gathered about a dozen good sticks before the city crews got to the wreckage, and shredded everything.

Can you post pics of your sticks?

So far, I haven't had any reactions to sawdust, tho' all my stickmaking is done w. hand work, so no clouds of dust from power tools.
Welcome. I look forward to seeing some of your work.

Around here, I look for abandoned fields that have grown a nice crop of small trees, and have a for-sale sign on them that indicates it will be all torn out anyway. I try not to harvest trees that have a good chance of growing to full size, But that still leaves a lot of potential.

Good luck, and keep looking. And welcome.
Welcome Aebe. Hope your able to find and source some sticks soon. I've been very lucky up here in the Cascades where I live,

looking at new logging roads, campgrounds, power line pruning, or drainage ditches being done throughout the year has enabled

me to keep harvesting.

I might suggest making a phone call or two to your forestry dept and see if they can guide you to an area with some 'downed' wood

thats available?
Welcome to the site! BTW -- there is no such thing as nasty saw dust! It's all good!
Welcome, can't wait to see what you bring :)
Thank you all for the welcome , and after I find my ducks and get them in a row , I will send some pictures .
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Thank you all for the welcome , and after I find my ducks and get them in a row , I will send some pictures .
I'll be watching too. Working on a stick for a very ill Marine right now. Good way to do something good for someone who sacrificed for our nation.

Still losing brothers from diseases caused by AO.
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