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Next project for me........

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The small band of brothers with whom I served in Vietnam is on the decline. We're becoming extinct. I have to get busy and make sure those who are left get one of my sticks.

I made one for a Marine who had been diagnosed with cancer. He got to use it for just a year before he passed.

My teammate through the 1968 Tet offensive has M.S. He got his stick a month or so ago, and he loves it.

Next, I'll make one for one of the guys who was with one of my best friends when they were ambushed and we lost him. This guy suffered for decades with substance abuse and what is now called PTSD. He's finally stable, married his high school sweetheart, and with professional help stays positive and enjoys living on the Oregon coast. His stick is up next. I have his preferred stick measurements, and the USMC, unit, and ribbon pins required. He wants the most natural finish possible, so I'll go with 100% tung oil. He wants a lightweight stick, and so my selection is limited. But I think I have a cedar or a "diamond" willow stick that will work. This one will be fun.
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good cause there well done

i also am aware of the conflict in the general society caused by the conflict ,don't understand why the troops who where sent there under orders have often got the reception they did after all they where doing there duty

The aggression should have been towards the politicians its then that have to deal with consequences not the troops quite confusing how that came about as to many where sent home in body bags
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it looks as tho its going to be the making of a decent stick , pretty straight already
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