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Normandy D day landing memorial

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Lots of memorial services for the vets that landed on the beaches of france during the 2nd world war going on .services in memory of the british /american and canadian troops who fell.I

It will probable be the last mermorial to them as most of them will be in there 90`s .

Its very big thing in france and the Uk

.Quite a lot of american vets there representing the landing

Along with the royal family attending is tpresident Obarma and dignetrys from a host of countrys.Also a re-actment of the landing and the british memorial flight

Suprised to see so many americans at there age, but there are also there familys tracing the parents footsteps and visting relatives graves there.

Most services for the troops takes place tommorow 6th june

I suppose it will be seen on telivision over there as well as a lot of air time will be dedicated to it here
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It is truly a memorable date. Many brave people form many countries gave their all to give us the lives we have enjoyed. I had family that were there. Sadly as time has past so has the effort to teach our youth of the great sacrifices made by those on that day. Today I was getting lunch and while I was in line some collage students were talking. One ask what was D-Day the other said he was not sure but thought it had something to do with Vietnam. I told them It was the beginning of the end of WWII. And a bit of what that met. One said OH, were you there Mr. I said no. It was in the last of the first half of the last century. One said Wow.
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We saw the story over here. You can't keep a good man down. I respect those who just will not lay down. They will go tell the drop.
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