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Howdy Neighbor,

I'm Rustic Dave, a new guy to this site, and very happy to be here with all these stick makers


You'll find my intro at the top of this section, with a picture of some of my sticks. In recent months I've been interested in making rustic shillelagh style walking sticks, so I've done some research. Shillelagh is village in Ireland, at the center of once a vast oak forest....until the English commandeered most of it for their own use. So the blackthorn began to be used as a suitable replacement in Ireland, but it was oak walking sticks in England that became "Shillelaghs", in the beginning.

If you really want a fighting stick, a real fighting stick with lots of thump, hickory, "impact grade" hickory, is one of the very best. Oak is fine, but hickory is better. Go to your local hardware store and check out the impact tools replacement handles...hickory, and well under 20 bucks. Take a look at my picture, the third from the right stick...it's a sledgehammer handle. The second from the right is a Douglas-fir stick of the rustic Shillelagh style. A little more character, but not as strong or tough as the hard woods.

Best Regards
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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