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saw some pics today, you would never guess who of Hopalong Cassidy my child hood hero .,had to chuckle he came to my home town when i was 6 years old had measles at the time banned from going to see him .climbed out of the window shimmed down the drian pipe and went to see him anyway didnt half pay for it when i got back couldnt climb up the drain pipe.

Remember it all so well sugar rationong was still in force so difficult to get the sweets at the time

a quick sketch of him mayby even a topper?

Hat Fedora Sun hat Cap Costume hat


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Ah -- childhood memories! I think it was childhood memories that got me started stick making in the first place. My grandfather use to make canes right on the tree by bending and tying off to eventually produce a crook handle cane. Hickory, elm (before the Dutch elm disease) and oak.
As a kid, I watched Hopalong and enjoyed the show a lot. Watched the Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid even more. Saw the "Ranger," Clayton Moore in a parade. Was very disappointed he wasn't riding his horse, "Silver." Speaking of thumb stick toppers, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, or the Cisco Kid and Pancho would make great pairs. As a talking point, such a stick might be good, just 'cause one could spend half an hour trying to explain who the characters were to younger folks.
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yes they would take some explaining

but the other day on one of the tv channels they where advertising Tex Ritter old black and white movies and some very old wetsrens ,the fim didnt quite run at the right speed and a lot of chasing and galloping horses lol.

Even gabby hayes was on ? film quaility wasnt very good but all adds to the experiance of watching old movies lol,sounded like the sound track was on a old disc
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