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but sometime during Thanksgiving week my son will be visiting and we will go over all the options and details for his next stick.

He has a fair selection available.

So, sometime after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, I'll be checking back in.

Happy Turkey Day!

Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran's Day were good. Tulsa supposedly has the 5th largest Veteran's Day parade in the nation. Who knew? I stepped away from work for an hour to watch it - the parade went right by our building.

This will be the next to last or last Christmas when we have the opportunity to send cards and goodies to the troops. Stuff on order. A local elementary school always makes Christmas and Valentine's Day cards for me to send. All set to give a couple of ANGLICO SALTs (Supporting Arms Liaison Teams) a Christmas surprise.

If you haven't done it, it is a lot of fun. Just look up your old unit, or volunteer to help your local Blue Star Mothers.
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