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Just found this group. I seem to be attracted to old walking sticks. I picked up one this week that actually has some marks on it I was hoping to identify. At the moment I only have a picture of the bottom tip as the rest is apart on the bench. I can post picture when it's ready. The stick itself is a hollow shaft wood. It has a simple brass ball at the top and this metal ring at the bottom. The ring has a partial logo of a circle with two letters, one over the other on the left and an L on the right. The top letter is partially obscured, the bottom letter could be an O. Also on the ring is "Cat. No. BM 4" that I can see and "Made in U.S.A."
Does this look familiar to anyone?
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The brass top and hollow shaft make me think it might have been a "tippling stick." The hollow would have held a glass tube which could have held some sort of spirit.
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I wonder if the tip is original to the stick. Seems odd to me that a maker of that era would use brass on one end and something silvery on the other. An interesting find, though. Please do post more pics when you can.
And welcome to the forum!
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