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I received a bundle of Diamond Willow sticks (from Alaska!) Dec 2015 and finished Cane #100 in April 2016. I used a walnut "Derby" style handle because I liked the way it felt even before the assembly began.

But once that day arrived, using a dowel screw I tightened it down and turned it to the exact spot where my right index finger would fall into that natural opening in the Diamond Willow shank. I don't remember that day every time I use the cane but quite frequently that happens. And I'm glad I had the sense enough to keep working at it until I got the handle in the correct position.

There are times when things go right.

And the end result is glorious.

I guess the answer is patience.

Not one of my best virtues nor gifts, I'm told.

The end.




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My index finger likes to point down the stick too. It's important for it to have a nice resting place. One of those little details that add greatly to the comfort of a cane.

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