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Pizzel Stick

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how many of you guys have heard of this

A pizzel stick is made from a bulls penis

To make one you need a bulls penis wash it it in warm soapy water then hang to dry tie a weight on the (about 14lb or a couple of bricks for weight) end of it to stretch it.,push a steel rod through the penis before it dries out to much then leave to dry completely.it takes about 5- 6 weeks to dry out. (some people use a fibreglass rod to reduce the weight)The rod is used to fit a handle on.

Use sand paper and steel wool on it and give it 5-6 coats of varnish

Personally I haven't made one but quite a few people have.

That's the basics of making one I do have more info if anyone wants to make one

Does size matter yes in this case it does "you need a big un" because shrinkage is considerable .It is also possible to make a equine version
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I can't imagine being out for a walk with the wife using a bulls penis for a cane. Gives new meaning to the old expression of walking around with your ---- in your hand :huh: .................
One of the first canes I ever made (just about 40 years ago) was in the form of a pe:ns. It is made from a dogwood sapling with the root ball curved just right that was uprooted by construction. When I saw it, I immediately knew what it had to be. I recently put a finish on it and would post a picture of it, but don't want to get banned from the site (moderators / administrators?)! Walking around with your --- in your hand is exactly what this one looks like. It really is a nice piece of work, it's just...phallic.
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