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I have bought and used carving instructional books to further my carving skills. If the intent of the book, DVD or tutorial was to instruct, than to copy the techniques to produce a carving is not plagiarism. To use the pictures in a book, images from the net etc.. as an inspiration for your own creation is not IMHO plagiarism.

Now if you purposely duplicate and represent a piece as your own, that would be is plagiarism.

As stick makers and wood carvers we are not stealing ideas or images to fraudulently call our own.

I mean, really who carved the first wood spirit, first bird, first animal image? Because we look at a picture to get ideas on form, are we stealing? Did the artists creating murals on the walls of the great cathedrals credit the first cave painter for the inspiration?

I could go on but I believe you get the gist of what I'm talking about.

I am an amateur wood carver, at best. Yes I was influenced to start carving by what I saw of another artists work. To say I "stole" his ideas is a stretch to say the least.
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