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I'm assuming you're talking about grape vines. I've not tried any vines. It would be work an experiment if you could find the right piece.

As for fruit wood, yeah, as boxwoodruler said, very nice stuff. Highly figured "fruitwood" tables and furniture used to be the biggest trend hundreds of years ago. It tends to be very dense, works well, but with a tricky grain. Apple wood was the favorite for saw handles because of its hardness that is balanced by its ability to be worked well, and take a smooth finish. (when you're sawing by hand all day, you want a handle that is sculpted, and incredibly smooth to avoid blisters!)

The trick will be finding a piece that works well and that dries without too much cracking. Depending on the types of trees (dwarf variety or large) you may have to consider taking a chuck of the connecting trunk along with the branch, if possible. Use the mass of the trunk to sculpt a larger, round handle and give you the little bit extra length.

Now I'm jealous of your "No good wood around here" location.
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