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Power file

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Saw this power file in a clearance sale going cheap,impulse purchase .Thought it would come in handy for using on buffalo horn,its not essential .another toy

But why do these companys give you a good strong blown plastic case with it, there always fitments to put together and when you do what happens the case it comes with , its usless ,the dam thing only fits in the case if you take it to bits

I like things on hand not to dismantle and assemable evey time i use it..They could have made the dam case usable when assembled,another plastic tool case that will never be used again as its blow moulded to fit it when in pieces.

A (youngish) grumpy old man

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Being a grumpy old man is not an age thing Cobalt, it's a state of mind!

I have been a grumpy old man most of my adult life, just ask my bride.
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cobalt i hear where ya coming from but aint it a neat toy i have one as well :thumbsu:
Well i can do things without one and have done it makes it quicker i suppose , like most power tools you dont need them it makes life a little easyer .But i can make most things without power tools
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