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Picked a piece of rams hor up today its been kicking arounf the bench for ages, Thought i had better do something with it.

So decided to cut out my intial out of it

some rough drawings done before i decide what i am going to do. keen on celtic script so a starting piont . then i thought i would design my initial and incorporate the griffin or dragons head into the design. the peice is about 1/4 inch thick by 2.5 x 2.5 inches and will have to cut the design into it then shape it

to fit the shank . A inch shank approx has a appox 4 inches circumferance so will knock out a mould to fit it. Its simple enougth to heat the horn with the heat gun and press it into the mould.

I dont know if i will mount it on the regular shank i use when walking ( the dodo) or mount it on the griffin or dragon stick

so heres where i am at wherever that is ?

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managed to get a hour in the workshop ,so went and started to shape the ramshorn, had a old jig so started to bend it , as soon as the horn is heated it tends to try and go back to its natural shape . I was thinkg of cutting it in the flat wwhich would have been easyer but thought it may disort when heated .got the shape about right with the heat gun and useda clamp to force it into the mould,

started to saw the shape out , the wood rasps are a handy tool for shaping it but the rotary cutter helps in difficult places. along wat from finished but this is the state of play

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I kept rubbing out the pencil lines on the horn so stuck a pattern on it for a guide just useda water based glue to help get the shape managed to get the basic shape cut .its a bit rough looking as most of the work was done with the saw and rasp . with the rotary tool used to cut a out line .

The piece is a little to thick at this stage but wanted to try and get some depth in the detail

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havnt got anyfurther with it yet but as soon as i get the chance i will try the fish scale idea on it. that link to gun stock carving was useful.It is a tad small so means useing very small diamond tip burrs on it if it works on rams horn.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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