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Restoring bleached antler

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Hi All,

I have been given some badly bleached antler. After some experimenting to bring them back to life I finally got

what I thought were some good results.

I first bleached them to remove some green mouldy stuff and other stains, applied a light walnut stain and then

coated the lot with clear rust guard.

You can see a restored antler next to the bleached sample in the first pic. On the third pic I left the crown polished. It came up a treat

Please see the results below.


PS the fallow dear rack cost me a carton of beer (about A$40). Dead cheap!!!


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Looks great Mick. I am partial to the stick in the center pic.

I have given permission to a young man to hunt deer. I know we have at least two bucks running around our woods they are destroying the ornamental pines we planted by their rubbing. I'm hoping to get some antler for stick making and some venison summer sausage if he is successful!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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