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Well, my early retirement is over :wacko:. I can't believe I had less time to spend on my stick making while I was retired than when I had a real job. Man my wife kept me busy.

Anyway, I've got a new job and I love it. Great people to work with. Relaxed atmosphere. No overtime. I can wear jeans to work. Drastically different from the high stress / thankless / mindless factory job that I had before. It's unfortunate that so many of our core manufacturing jobs are being outsourced and what is left are companies that treat you like an asset instead of a person. I'm working in a company now that helps our veterans receive the care they need. We are a growing company and everyone is treated like a person. I feel like I've won the lottery.

Hopefully now I can get back to some stick making. I've managed to sell a few recently so I've got to replenish my inventory.

Talk to you guys soon.

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Good Luck with the new position, sounds like you hit the jackpot!

I agree with your assessment of todays work place. It is the unfortunate reality of corporate America, its all about the bottom line. Owners are now shareholders. Managers and CEO's only concern is profitability.

No more family owned business' and personal interaction with the employees.

I worked in the commercial and industrial construction industry for 35 years. The difference between a family owned contractor and a corporate owned contractor was night and day. The contractor I worked the last 20 years of my career for sold the company to a corporation and within one year I knew it was time to retire.

Won't bore anyone w. details, but I agree, retirement may not offer as much slack as one would hope. I actually did think the other day that going into work was easier. But then I slapped myself.

" I'm working in a company now that helps our veterans receive the care they need. We are a growing company and everyone is treated like a person."

Lewey, good to hear you've got something you think worthwhile. Labor is what one does to just pay the mortgage/rent. Work comes out of life, and goes back into it.
I have the best of both worlds. Retired and taking on wood working jobs when I want to. But I do wonder how I had time to work all those years. Between honey do's and volunteer work and the wood work I seem to have less time today than ever. But I not sure I would have it any other way. I like my life.
I also am always busy if not carving then drawing,and involved with a national group called the unversity of the third age(U3A for short) a self help national group. that shares skills and interests,The local group has some 270 members

The group has international ties world wide even offers on line tuition for a wide range of subjects. Unfortunatly no carving group local yet, sending feelers out to see if theres a call for it.biggest problem is a venue and tools to get it of the ground although it may be possable to apply for grants through th arts council and health authority as it keeps the older person fit and active.some areas do have carving clubs but to far south for me

Its for people mainly 50 plus. even a couple of people in ther 90s, the local group has some 70 different activities and is getting larger with a widdr range of activities and its possable now to find activities every morning / aftrenoon /evenings every day during the week.Some interest attract 12people others about 50 mostly retired people
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I would have stayed in retirement if I didn't have another daughter to put through college. One is almost out and the other will be going in in a few years. Also I'm wanting a new (new to me) truck so I had to suck it up and go back to work. I interviewed for 3 jobs. On one, I would have to drive an hour and a half a day, the other was hot, filthy and stinky work. The one I got was the one I was hoping for. No overtime and no weekend work so I'm about to get back to my woodworking.
I have been "retired" now for just under a year. Keeping busy has not been a problem, there is always another project needs doing around here. (ask the wife)

Where I have been struggling a bit is feeling I should be at a job. Finances aren't the problem, it's getting out of the mindset developed over 40+ years at a job that you need to be at work everyday. You guys know what I mean?
Hot humid and wet. Already had 4 1/2 inches overnight. 80+ and more rain today.
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