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Rubber ferrule for a tapered stick

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My cane is tapered with a small rubber tip. It does not provide good traction on some surfaces. I would like to put a full rubber ferrule, but am concerned about the taper. I think that the difference in the diameter between the top of the ferrule and the tip would cause the cane to "wiggle" and possibly affect balance. Is this the case or would it be snug enough?. If not, I'd appreciate some tips on how I can fix this. The length of the cane now is perfect for me.
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What is the diameter of you rubber tip?
The current rubber tip is 1.4 cm-14 mm
The cane diameter at approximately where the top of the ferrule could be is 1.9 cm-19mm ( Assuming the ferrule is 4.5 cm high which many seem to be). I do not yet have the ferrule.

I appreciate any input.
This would be my answer to tapered tip. I would use a piece of 19mm Id brass or copper tubing the length of the ferrel. Tap it down to the wood at the top of ferrel and pinning it in place Then fill the area around the ferrel with epoxy. This would let me use a
19mm / 3/4” replaceable Cain tip Over it.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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