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Sanding Sealer

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Sometime back someone here mentioned using sanding sealer on sticks and I did that this past weekend with a piece of maple. I liked the look during application but really liked the look once it was dry.

But I LOVED the look once I hand brushed the gloss polyurethane - that sanding sealer seemingly provided a "depth" to the finish.

In this instance I needed the sanding sealer to make the surface behave.

I might just use it again soon simply because I love that final look.

BTW, this is Cane #76 . . . if all goes as planned I'll complete Cane #80 during Oct.



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Geez, Norson at your production rates you'll put all those "imported" stick manufacturers outa business!! :thumbsu: :thumbsu:
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Thought about using sanding sealer a couple of times but did not know how it would look I might just give it a try,
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