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I use a 3/4" round-over bit on walking sticks cut from wood I join and 2x's. No matter how careful I am, I end up with ridges, in addition to the usual necessary sanding.

A few years back, I built a sanding station. It is a game changer. Now, I wouldn't be without it. More so because I added sides, a back and a top, forcing air drawn in by it to be pulled from where I am working, which cranked up its efficiency by a gazillion percent, give or take 2%.

Because I can lift the sides, I can fit long sticks in the work area and sand or carve (e.g., grind) on them and not dust myself out. It gives me a good feeling to see my Foredom, with a wood eating bit, toss dust off it, which does a 90 degree turn, to be sucked down into the station.

I do all my carving and sanding in the station, when I can. It allows me to limit my safety equipment use to glasses.

Since these pictures, I added a shelf for the RAM carving tool, and added 4 duplex outlets, into which are plugged five sanders, the light, the Foredom, and the RAM.


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