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scotland independance

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Some of you guys have scotishh relations ,so for those who have i assune you are aware that scotland is voting soon to become a independant state in its own right, and will leave the united kingdom if it is a yes vote

Its a hot topic here and in scotland it has broken families and friends up such is the fearocity of the topic. It will mean all the Uk forces pulling out of scotland and it will have to apply for membership of the euor zone

Theres lots of implications for scottish buisness as well as a lot of buisenes ocording to the Eu have to be based in the capital where most of its buisness is done .,Scotaland has only a population of 6 million
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I have been reading some articles about it and have watched some story's the BBC cable channel here. I understand the wish to be independent. It seem that it would be a very difficult for Scotland to make it work. But I also know the Scottish can be hard and determined people. I am not sure I would bet against them.
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