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a) I now have (received yesterday) seven (7) FAB diamond willow sticks which should keep me busy and out of the bars. < joke! >

b) I mentioned here, on more than one occasion, my disappointment in attempting to send canes to a wounded war hero stationed at the Bethesda MD Naval Hospital and Rehab Center. I mailed Cane #1 on Sept 23, 2015 and when that apparently fell into a bottomless pit I sent Cane #2 on Oct 23. The good news is that both of those canes are now in use by two young ladies, both of them injured overseas. However, the USPS tracking system still shows both of them "In Transit - Delivery Delayed" - oh really?

I shake my head in utter and total disbelief - in spite of notifying in writing our local postmaster.

c) If all goes as planned I should complete Canes #84 (Red Maple) and #85 (Sugar Maple) - with those critter tracks - by week's end.

As they say in show biz, stay tuned.


ps - Isn't God good?!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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