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Shop Dogs?

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Not sure how many others have a shop dog. I have some great ones. I had a golden retriever For 14 years she was love going on stick hunts in the woods. I did not think I would get another but last year I gave in and got a new shop dog. She a miniature Aussie, For some reason now called miniature American shepherd. She has taken over the shop. She also loves the stick hunts. sadly I cant get out Like I did. She has claimed her corner of the shop. Is good at staying out of the way. She only chewed up one cane shaft as a puppy. She always likes my work. I show her a stick I am working on and she wages her nub. Aussies don't have tails. Were else can you get unconditional

approval of your work.


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I've got 2 shop cats. They enjoy bringing me dead things and hopping up when I am using sticky stuff :) They are about useless, but they do get moles and voles.
When I saw your title, the first thing that came to mind was my set of "bench dogs" :)

I use to have dogs, but they've passed on to that happy hunting ground -- the separation was so hard that I've been resistant on getting another!
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