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Might seem straightforward but when did you last strip yur shop vac/extractor down? I have a Stayer shop vac with power tool take off (Makita 440), brilliant thing cost me £85 about 15 years ago from Screwfix and it's still going strong. Then 3 years ago we used it as a cabinet extractor when doing some blasting with aluminium oxide and it just got well covered in dust. Recently bringing it out of hibernation and using on my table saw I noticed the nasty grey dust had got EVERYWHERE.

The filter was the first, but when I found an original replacement to be £38 I washed the one I had, but still it kept puffing out dust when I fired it up. Long story short the more I probed the more I found until this afternoon I did a full strip down right to the motor assembly, washed all the filters, dried them and re-assembled.

Remarkably for me it went back together and works, in fact it develops a suction so fierce I had long forgotten how good it is!

So I guess the question is, just how clean is your extractor, and would it benefit from a right good fettle?
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