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I am a relative newbie when it comes to canes and walking sticks and staffs compared to most of you folks. Two years ago on Valentines Day my wife presented me with a pretty nice set of carving knives and gouges, and told me, "Get to carving!" In October prior to that I had begun walking the woods around our house picking out some sticks to make into staffs..... mainly the twistie sticks.... where the honeysuckle will wrap around the sapling causing the sapling to grow the swells aroung the vine. I would strip the bark and sand them down trough various grits of sandpaper, and then treat them with Tung oil....and after drying I'd give them a couple of coats of paste hardening floor wax. It's been almost a passion ever since.

I teach Math and Drivers Education at a 7 - 12th Grade school in south central Arkansas..... where Timber is the main industry. It is a fairly depressed socio-economic environment, especially since a large Plywood Mill closed down a few years ago..... but it is my adopted home, having been raised in the northeast part of the state. And owning 30 acres of prime Bottom Lands with access to 80 more family acres, I have an endless supply of various hardwood saplings.

Most of my working with the sticks occurs in the summer months, with school being out and all. But, I do try to find time on weekends to get out in my shop. I find it relaxing.... almost therapeutic.

I recognize a couple of User Names already from another woodworking site. But this site is much more specific in its content..... being restricted to the canes and staff and sticks and such.

Many thanks to the site's originator and to the administrators. I'm really looking forward to learning from you folks! Now, if I can properly learn how to post pictures......lol !

Kim Allen (aka. MoroCreek)
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