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Signs of spring.

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A bit hazy today bit but the blackbirds are enjoying the buds on the trees and the camellias are in bloom.


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CV3 -- Great shots! Shove it further north please!
Update on signs of spring: NW Indiana forecast, a winter storm warning for tonight into tomorrow a.m. Accumulations of 4"-8" expected overnight. Northerly winds are expected to be from 20-30 mph with gusts to 40. This is one of the snowiest and coldest winters around here since the mid 70's.

Those two poor robins I saw hopping around on the few bare spots of lawn today are in for a shock! Then after all that its supposed to hit the low 50*s on Friday.
Some color in the Yards. The azaleas have hundreds of buds there will be a color explosion in a week or so.


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I am extremely jealous CV3! Our Red Buds and Crab Apples are at least 4 weeks away from even thinking about blooming.

Keep the spring pics coming its warms my heart and promises of things to come out my backdoor. TX, Mark
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