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Starter lathe

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In a few weeks I may have an opportunity to purchase a Grizzly lathe that supposedly lists for $1,000, the owner says is unused or nearly so, and his asking price along with some tools is $700. The President of the Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association provided this information. I could probably offer $500 or $600 and get it.

This was described as a good "starter lathe." Without knowing the condition or specific model, does this sound like a reasonable choice, if my CFO will approve the expenditure? ;-)
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Not yet Rad, I have yet to talk to the owner. I'll post when I find out. Thanks!
In general -- for the money -- Jet, Powermatic, Nova and even some Delta's get better reviews. I own a Jet and have been very satisfied thus far! Asking an opinion about a power tool is kind of like asking about what car to buy, you will get a dozen different answers, depending on what people own. Hopefully someone who has had long term direct experience with Grizzly will chime in.
I understand the concept of buying qulity tools that last, I personally have to weigh that against my purpose. Honestly I have bought Harbor Freight power tools and have had good success with them and at a fraction of the cost. They may be a little more noisey :) but when I could buy 5 of them to 1 of another brand to us, it's a no brainer.

If I was going to be doing lots and lots of work (for a living) I would go for the higher quality. If I was just going to learn or occasionally use it, I would go for the less. My 2c.


I haven't ever used Grizzly
I may back off the lathe. I can afford one, but my discretionary funds are going to warriors in Afghanistan now, and I'm willing to wait until our military returns to consider a purchase.
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