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Steer Horn Cane

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I was at a festival in Indiana recently and saw a guy who was selling steer horns already cleaned and polished for $5. I couldn't pass that up. After a little thought, I came up with this cane.

The horn is hollow and slightly flexible, so I carved a piece of wood to fit inside it to give me something to glue the shaft tenon into.

Edit: The cane shafts I have been making are self made. I have one of those router-crafter jigs that Sears used to sell. It is adjustable for taper and has a index head. With a router installed with a straight cut bit, I make an eight sided tapered shaft for a cane.


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Nicely done !
Great looking piece. What fest did U find the steer horn at? I live in Indiana. A few years back before I got interested in stick making I saw a guy at the Feast of the Hunters Moon down on the Wabash selling cow horn. I assumed guys were buying them for black powder horns. Great idea to use as a handle.
This was at the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival.
Great looking stick! I'm thinking you'll get a lot of favorable comments on it.

nicely done

heres a couple of cow horn handles pictures from a face book site

Thie is the way i have normally seen them

Gas Lamp Metal Wood Fashion accessory
Drink Electric blue Fashion accessory Metal Nickel


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Very nice Cobalt! What are the caps on the horns made of?
I dont know what the caps are from looks like buffalo horn .iits not something I made

Its a piece of work of a facebook site its does have some good work on it

Those are great looking canes cobalt. Thank for sharing.
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