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Steve in Finland

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Hello! I am Steve B, a tall, fit and handsome 60 year old expat Englishman who emigrated to Finland on the very same day that the Munich Olympics started. I worked in cable tv and video production for twelve years, then did a stint in advertising, then in print media until I got sick of ungrateful customers and became a security guard. I landed a receptionist's duties in a Helsinki bank and I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed working life so much

I just saw a reference to this Forum on another one devoted to pipesmokers. I have a collection of pipes and also a collection of walking sticks. I bought my first when I was 29.

Enough for now - I have to save something for later posts!
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Welcome to the site Steve! Look forward to seeing your collection! I think your our first member from Finland!
Welcome Steve from Finland from NW Indiana in Midwest of USA.
Thank you for your kind welcome! I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon reading through the posts and admiring some very skillful handiwork by artisan members. I have to admit that almost all my sticks are what norteamericanos refer to as walking canes, although I do have a couple of walking sticks too, one of which can be used as a monopod for my camera.

I'll post some photos if you'd like to see them.
Welcome tall fit handsome Steve :) Would love to see your collection. Enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the forum Steve. Be careful we may get you in to making your own sticks and once you start its hard to stop.(-:
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