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Stick Making on Youtube

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I have read the topics on cutting and straightening sticks. My Grandson has helped me to create stick making videos on youtube, to make sure the craft is kept alive for the future. We have covered topics on stick cutting, straightening sticks, making a dowel joint, bending Buffalo horn into a nose out crook and natural Thumb sticks. People can actually see the work being done. Enter woodlandsticks and you will find all seven videos

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There is a big advantage using the hot air gun in winter especially if heating up accross the knees, you get the over

Made a steamer a while ago, used a table top electric water boiler, the lid has a 1/4" vent hole stand against garage side door stand tube abve hole, strap to door, works fine and the condensate from it runs back into the boiler. the boiler can also be used to soften horn when \i get round to having a go.
I understand what Cobalt say's the quality of a good horn stick stands out and the material is so tactile. I think I would be more inclined to err towards the carved horn toppers, one that stands out is the reverse horn pheasant head from Alan Bateman's video of making one.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts