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I'm not certain now how I even found this forum, nor when I joined, but you guys have been such a great help to me I just wanted to say thank you.

While working on - almost to completion - Cane #92 I could not get it to behave - the grain ends kept popping up, then I remembered someone here perhaps a year or so ago suggested Sanding Sealer.

So yesterday afternoon I slapped a coat of that stuff on and it worked it's magic overnight. This morning (it's now 2:39 a.m.) I took some 0000 steel wool to a few left over rough places, cleared that with paint thinner, let it dry and the first coat of Formsby's tung oil is drying to the upper portion.

The grain layers on this specimen - found laying on the ground last month - are magnificent to behold.

It's my current plan to post some pictures at the cane forum upon completion perhaps tomorrow, who knoweth.

Ooops - there's that King James Version kicking up again.

Sorry - I NEED more sleep and as soon as the meds and coffee kick in I'm headed back for the Zzzzzzzzzzzz couch.


G-night - I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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