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The cane so far

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It's been a long time since I came here but I'm nearly finished with this cane and only need to put some varnish on it. I thought I would show it here. The shaft and handle are both curly maple supposedly from the same board but the handle is a darker shade and has some crotch grain in it. I was thinking of doing a tutorial on carving the scroll but there is a better one somewhere if I can find a link I'll post it. The finish is non synthetic all natural. turpentine / pine rosin and will be finished with an oil / rosin cooked varnish.


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Good looking piece, good scroll work any chance of larger photo
Well done! The curly maple make a great looking cane. The scrole work really gives it unique appearance.
I took some larger photos last night and made a short video also but I didn't upload them yet. I'll post those tonight. thanks !
maybe these pics come out a little larger.


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thats a very nice balanced piece of work and the finish is 1st class
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