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The kids

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My grandaughter told me last week she is going to school and says she cant take me to the park anymore, tried hard not to laugh, but she has asked her friend to come round to take me to the park and play board games with me as shes not starting school,,be this time teasr of laughter was rolling down my cheeks..

but she was so sincer and concerned that i would be upset.

just so nice ,but she did say she would come for my birthday

Kids are just great at that age wish they wouldnt grow up
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That young lady loves her Granddad. That is great.
That is awesome Cobalt.

My "new" best friend is the next door neighbors 3 year old. Whenever I'm in my backyard she tells her mother she needs to come out to "play" with me.
Thats a great age to be just love the term they use like i need to play with you.

i do a scrap book with my grandaughter we call it the big adventure book its just a old scrap book we have hanging about and we turn it into a visual dairy of things we do ,things as simple as feeding the ducks so lot of crude drawings and anything we find are stuck into it.like feathers and sweet wrappers .

So our big adventure today was to ride on a double decker bus, shes never been on a bus before ,the road soon turns into a river then into the sea and we are then sailing on a ship full of pirates, there imagination is endless.

It just helps them to prepare for school
Let the good times role!! Your a lucky man cobalt. Our grand kids are grown and of being who they will be. Was just given a new great granddaughter last month. Those days when the world is a wonder and you get to share their discovery's are to short. Enjoy them!
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