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if you get the price you want then thats fine . But i think CV right people dont know what they want. but a sale is a sale but if you show other items it will increase your long term portential sales and people are more llikely to approach you for differnt items .which will increase the price you can atain.

The items i have been doing in back to the workshop have been sold even though I had intended some as Christmas pressy.,haven't fnished them yet. even the blank perigrine falcon and the dodo i was doing for myself. These where sold from a previous falcon stick i made as the person who had it does a lot of walking in groups. so the more you do the more your potential sales are.

Folk art is very popular in the state and sits well into the category pretty sure it wouldn't go down well here

There are some amazing American wild life artists who carve yet very few seem to do walking sticks often wonder why
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