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Last weekend I hosted a carving seminar at the local state park. I brought along a few of my walking sticks as well as an assortment of other carvings. Well the only pieces that sold were the good old wood spirits. I am trying to expand my horizons by carving birds and other animals but the folks around these parts seem to be enamored by the venerable wood spirit walking stick. Much as I don't want to become a one trick pony the public is forcing my hand if I want to sell a piece or two. Ah well the cash from the sales will come in handy for tools as my belt sander took a crap and my rotary tool is getting a bit dicey.

I had a request for two spirit sticks after the carving seminar so here is spirit #1. He is made from aspen. The aspen was stained with a maple gel stain, then the spirit was carved, highlighted with the wood burner and the face was washed with a honey brown acrylic to give the carving a nice contrast from the darker stick. As per my usual the stick has a 4 strand paracord braided lanyard, this one is black & camo. I got a piece of advice from one of my carving club members about eyes. He said painting the eyes on a spirit really brings the carving to life and I agree. This ones eyes are wine red. Makes him a bit menacing I think. Thanks for looking



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