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The PSA test . . .

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Since this is primarily a guys forum I'm going to take the liberty of posting a subject that is very dear to my heart - the PSA blood test.

I am a 17+ year prostate cancer survivor and am thankful for every day.

I know someone who I love dearly who has ignored his rising PSA numbers for more than 14 years and now it appears it may be too late.

Today's MRI and full body bone scan will show if it has spread outside the prostate.

I weep for him for he is my only son.

Guys - please allow me this - normal PSA is 0 to 4. If you are above age 40 you NEED that simple blood test. IF your number is above that your doctor should recommend an ultrasound and possibly biopsy - for those are the only true indicators.

I know.

From experience.

Thank you

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Prayers up for you and your son, Neb. Our adult children always remain our children and a major concern. Our son has had two benign tumors on his spine that are slow growing and too near his nerve bundle for cyber knife or anything that can cause collateral damage. His symptoms are minor and infrequent, but it's the elephant in the room. We can relate to your distress and fears.

Thank you for the heads up on the PSA! Despite that "gap" between Medicare and supplemental insurance, we feel most fortunate to be able to afford Medicare and the supplemental policies, as many can't afford those. And then, lots of modern day physicians won't accept new Medicare patients, and your older Docs eventually retire. But I do have the PSA when I have the annual physical.
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