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The PSA test . . .

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Since this is primarily a guys forum I'm going to take the liberty of posting a subject that is very dear to my heart - the PSA blood test.

I am a 17+ year prostate cancer survivor and am thankful for every day.

I know someone who I love dearly who has ignored his rising PSA numbers for more than 14 years and now it appears it may be too late.

Today's MRI and full body bone scan will show if it has spread outside the prostate.

I weep for him for he is my only son.

Guys - please allow me this - normal PSA is 0 to 4. If you are above age 40 you NEED that simple blood test. IF your number is above that your doctor should recommend an ultrasound and possibly biopsy - for those are the only true indicators.

I know.

From experience.

Thank you

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Sorry to hear the news, and can only hope the problem is not too advanced. My father was diagnosed w. prostate cancer sometime in the mid-1980s. There were a variety of treatments at that time, and some only held the disease back for a few years. Nevertheless, he survived, dying of completely different causes just this last year. So I think with good treatment, good outcome is probable.

Oh, and CAS14, speaking of affording medical care, and/or finding a doctor to visit, an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in perhaps 30 years or more showed up at my door a few years ago. Turns out he met and married a Norwegian woman, a doctor as it happened, and moved to Norway. When he visited, he expressed shock at how how expensive medical care here was.
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