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Thoughts on stick for city walking, possible defense applications

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I'm fortunate enough not to really NEED a stick to get around. . . but I'm 62, have a bad ankle, my eyesight isn't getting better, and I often walk my dog at light on potholed streets and uneven sidewalks, in an iffy neighborhood.

With this as background: what are your thoughts about a cane to use as a mobility aid with possible self defense applications? I'm thinking about woods, weight, types and shapes of handles, etc.
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Just about any hard wood will do, your idea is escape not prolonged battle (not that any stick will stop a bullet).

Something a dog can chew on for a while and long enough that you can poke a throat, eye or groin and swing to a knee. Its almost more about the "what to do" than to "what with".
Where you live I would almost consider carrying a shark stick or bang stick:)
We can agree not to agree :)

Now I don't know if a wood walking stick will save you from the mighty beaver! :)
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Yes I think we have covered all the bases, everyone get back to stick making/buying :)
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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