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Thoughts on stick for city walking, possible defense applications

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I'm fortunate enough not to really NEED a stick to get around. . . but I'm 62, have a bad ankle, my eyesight isn't getting better, and I often walk my dog at light on potholed streets and uneven sidewalks, in an iffy neighborhood.

With this as background: what are your thoughts about a cane to use as a mobility aid with possible self defense applications? I'm thinking about woods, weight, types and shapes of handles, etc.
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surely you can walk safely is there a real need for such a stick, or do i live in a exceptional place? i dont think so. i have walked through many citys in europe and never felt the need for self defence .Yes there are places you need to be aware.Think the media has over done this.I have had people try to pick my pockets in Rome and lisbon but have always been confident in dealing with this as there more afriad of being caught.

It much nicer to stroll down the promenade with a stylish stick and enjoy life rather than looking over your shoulder
Well i am thankful that i live here.

I would hate to see armed police on the streets. Its not that there isnt any crime there is , but the crime in this shire is low.

And there are no street gangs you can walk about any time day or night without even thinking about it.
I have friends going to vist family over in New orleans for christmas they have been before and have loved it the food,the culture and not once anything poor about the place.

Yes they say there are parts the wouldnt vist its the same in any city

There certain areas in london and other larger citys i wouldnt go to .but overall violent crime is unusual.

But the idea of carrying any sort of weapon i find shocking a stick is a stick but would not consider it a weapon
We dont have any restricted right Rad

But i do envy you with the places you can hike along with your wildlife.And would seek advice from locals before venturing into such places

But one good thing that has haooened wildlife organisation have re introduced beavers back into the highlands and are now doing well,they where huneted to extinction some 400 years ago,same as wolf and bears
Most people using a smart stick or hiking poles usually get people interested in what you are carrying and more likely to meet new people they either admire it for what it is .

the beaver would probaley eat it JJireh

and then would i be defencless
This is pretty appalling what does this say about society insted of looking out of the window think what to wear your discussing what weapon to take ? It sounds like a war zone.

I very much doubt that your fellow americans think this way i am totally shocked by it and can only think that the obbsesion is feed by the gun culture

Its one thing hunting but surely this is going way over the top

I know this is going to upset a lot of you but please stop and think what messages this sends out
sorry Rad but if crime is so bad here the police would carry weapons..Ido not know of anywishing to carry a gun

And like the gun lobbyist that type of argument is simple fed on fear not truth

but as i see i am annoying people hear with the truth i had better shut up

No we havnt given up our rights it was peoples wish
Yes ther are armed reponse units here,yes armed units are about when digenetries are her unfortunatly, also at all airports to gaurd against terrorist hat to see it.But have never seen a local bobby carry a weapon,okay a trunchonbut most of those arnt visable

You may be right regarding gun permits ,i dont know .These usually carried by hunters ,and a few others to cull /harvest deer etc.

But as for most people wanting to carry guns is not true in any shape or form , there is always a small minority that would carry a weapon if they could but thankfully this is not the case. and it is these that would cause mayhem

You will always be able to get a illegal gun i suppose as they are smuggled into the countrybut this is small amount and always end up in the wrong hands

the average bobby on the beat has no need to carry weapon thankfully

As for the guns they carry i have no idea but automatic weapons i assume

I am just pleased we dont have a gun culture as there is enogh crime antwhere
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all because of stickmaking

is this turning into stickmaking regiment with combat training

sorry to be rude but thist this getting out of hand? all in our prime and just wish to enjoy the plesant things in life.
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