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I just finished these ones yesterday.

The first one has a spalted alder handle with holly and mahogany spacers and an alder shank.

Plant Musical instrument Botany Terrestrial plant Wood
Plant Street light Leaf Botany Vegetation
Plant Vegetation Grass Terrestrial plant Natural landscape

The dark area under the handle is where the outer skin of the bark lifted with the painter's tape I had around the shank. I repaired it the best I could and it doesn't look too bad but is darker than the rest of the shank.

I'm not sure what wood this one is, possibly birch. I like the spalting. The spacers are black walnut and claro walnut burl.

Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Wood Vegetation
Plant Street light Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover
Plant Botany Natural material Terrestrial plant Natural landscape

This one ended up with a bobbed tail because the pith was there along with a stress crack from drying.

The grain on top of the handle makes up for it though.

Plant Musical instrument Botany Wood Terrestrial plant
Plant Grass Groundcover Terrestrial plant Shrub
Plant Botany Musical instrument Wood Vegetation
Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Wood Grass

Maple with a mahogany spacer. I decided to keep it simple.

Thanks for looking,



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