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I'm not up to inlays yet! Was just thinking about horn spacer and tips and just oiling up the timber to keep the

nice orangey colour. Getting back to tools though I'd like to get a spindle sander for finer shaping.

I have own version using Haron drum rotary sander which I plug into my drill press. I am also making

thinner drums ton get into tighter spaces (say on a lyre shape) by gluing sandpaper to timber cylinders I have cut.

They also go into the press.
I have a few Microplane hand rasps for quick shaping. They make flat, round, and V shape rasps. Very good for rough shaping. They also make a few drum shapers that you might find useful. More efficient than sanding.

Like you, towards the end, I glue sand paper to dowels for finer and tigher finishing.
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