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Topper strorage

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Need display /storage for the toppers already made ,

found a piece of flowering cherry log its not good enough for carving ,so thought it would make a display stand?

going to strip the bark ,trim it to get a flat edge then varish it its not straight so will give a bit of shape and see how it goes?

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I bet that will have a great looking grain cobalt. I look forward to seeing it.
I must be mad to have started this but a couple of hours work using a draw knife stripped all the outer bark of

Its very rare for me to start a project without doing drawings 1st but this is one of those jobs., but have a picture in my head how i want it to look , its just a case of seeing how it turns out

Suprising how deep the bark is

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I dont know how long the tree was felled .but the wood felt damp to touch so its not seasoned , need some info as to treat it to prevent to much shrinkage ,know rad is a turner what do you sugest , i know you oftern treat wood .

pity i dont have a moisture reader, but not to worried if it cracks and splits as long as it enhances the looks of it

It just needs a final sanding and the ends need trimming before i drill into it to hold the toppers
nearly complete another coat of varnishto do

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Well done! Good looking presentation.
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