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Along one of the busiest streets in our small town, nestled between some businesses and private homes are three lots that apparently at one time were planned home or business properties, for there are driveway "cuttings" in the curb, so it's rather easy to drive into that property - and that's where I found those sticks, as well as others previously. But since that property was never developed some very large trees remain - including a dying American Elm, stricken with Dutch Elm disease. It really needs to be taken down - some of the dead limbs, stripped clean of bark, are larger than my torso, and when/if the fall I might hear the impact here, 1 mile or so away. :cool:

BUT I have picked up and used numerous sticks from under that tree, as well as sticks from those other trees still on the property, such as these two. Yesterday we drove past that area and I looked it over without turning in . . . deciding there was nothing new. Yet.

The Sugar Maple is very distinctive because of the "sap" stains on the bark, but I'm not certain of the specie for all of the timber remaining there. Each time I go I try to capture a good picture of the bark (all the leaves have fallen, of course) doing my best to properly identify them.

I am not certain I have the authority to collect those sticks from off the ground but I've got my "excuse" all memorized, if asked by the authorities.

Sorta like a "20 second political speech."


Thank you for your kind words.

I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome here.

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