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Two head topper planned.

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I can't draw but I can cut and paste. New topper project it will be carved in either butternut or Alaskan yellow cedar. Not sure yet. Butternut if I do not paint. If I am going to use paint for the feathers I will go with the cedar. The wood color will be great for the beak. I have much to do in the next few weeks so may not get started tell after Thanksgiving. And a light brown wash should do well on the bear.

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wow , i cant wait to see the progress of this .
nice idea .like the eagle and bear.

certainly a different approach which is always good to see and think the contrasting colours should enhance the look
A very cool concept! Looking forward to seeing it progress
Looks a good project Randy, cut / paste is a gerat way of working - I always work that way but use a app on my ipad called

Sketchbook Pro I find it invaluable for making patters it's versatility is amazing and not too difficult to get into.
I see a First Nation idea in this. Perhaps you could do some symbols burned on the shaft as well.
Cool idea. Alaskan yellow cedar is a nice wood if you get the fine grained old growth stuff.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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