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Knowing there's a row of 6-8 Osage Orange trees along the edge of a public park near us one sunny morning this week we headed there hoping to bring home some keepers. I found only a few but during my search I found this stick of unknown/uncertain lineage.

It had obviously been laying on the ground for a long time, most of the bark was missing but what remained was very solid. I figured I might be able to do something with it and of course only time will tell.

(IF you have any clues from the two pics, please lemme know.)

So I am uncertain but of this I AM certain.

Because of recent rains the stick needed some serious dry time. After several days I brought it inside, along with an old blanket we've had for 50 years or more and covered myself and my recliner. I also brought in my wood chisels and wore a glove on my left hand - (protection!) - and chiseled away all the loose/wet bark.

I decided to pause long enough for picture #2 - not to smart off, but rather to show you guys.

I am certain I am very fortunate to be doing that kinda stuff in our living room.

But since I, at times, drop a few chunks-o-bark on the carpeting, I'm not going to mention someone leaving their slippers in the middle of the room.

Of that I am certain.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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