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Unusual Materials

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Ron T's thread http://walkingstickforum.com/topic/1350-what-kind-of-wood-is-that/prompted this.

I've seen cane and walking stick shanks made from all sorts of things. Some antiques were made from the spines of sharks or snakes, whale bone, etc. Ron's cane was made from the seed stalk of a palm.

I watched a YouTube video where the guy makes a cane from the stalk of a Mullein plant.

I think I've seen it growing here. I might give it a shot if I find some.

I'm just wondering what you all have used or seen used?

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there is so many materials used for stickmaking taga nuts is something i would like to have a go at.

I have carved a fish from water buffalo horn also rams horn. if anyone trys it wear a dust mask its not good. and if you use power tool on it if you get it to hot it smells.

Ron t your right about the bulls penis it is called a pizzel stick still being made.

casting is quite popular with cold casts , not a favourite material for me it feels cold to touch and somehow dead . but lots of folks like it. think this is because its a easy material to handle and make casts for.

brass and coper are also used .But of all the metals pewter is the easiest along with copper to cast, but you have to make a good mould to stand these temps. best method I think s the lost wax method .

I have cast glass faces inside a clear glass brick for a few projects as long as you have good contacts with a glass maker its not that difficult. but using crystal can be a expensive, not that cullet is expensive its the equipment and the running costs

Glass slumping can also be used for decoration and is probably the easiest thing to do with glass . but you need to know how to make moulds to stand high temps but common horticultural glass slumps very easy with quite good definition
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