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Unusual Materials

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Ron T's thread http://walkingstickforum.com/topic/1350-what-kind-of-wood-is-that/prompted this.

I've seen cane and walking stick shanks made from all sorts of things. Some antiques were made from the spines of sharks or snakes, whale bone, etc. Ron's cane was made from the seed stalk of a palm.

I watched a YouTube video where the guy makes a cane from the stalk of a Mullein plant.

I think I've seen it growing here. I might give it a shot if I find some.

I'm just wondering what you all have used or seen used?

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Rodney, a member of the carving club I used to go to told me about a bull penis he was going to use for a cane shaft. He was going to insert a metal rod and stretch it. My wife buys it as a treat for our dogs. It's sold as pizzle.
When the yucca plant flowers, it sends up a central stalk. Seed pods form from the mature flowers and, after the seeds are scattered, the stalk dies. This takes about a year and, at this point, the stalk snaps out very easily. It makes a terrific walking stick that in strong and very lightweight.


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