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Walking stick down draft dust collector

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I'm still really new to all of this, and have been leaning heavily on posts on this forum for ideas and information. One post made by Randy back in 2016 was about a down draft dust collector.

As of now, I'm primarily using a random orbital sander to strip and sand my walking sticks, as it's what I have on hand and it's working fine. The issue has been the fact that every vertical and most horizontal surfaces in my little basement shop get heavily coated with sawdust every time I start sanding. I thought that maybe I could try to put something together to help this.

From what I had saw from Randy's post, the table is probably intended for carving things on it's top. I wanted to be able to sand the length of a walking stick blank without having to constantly shift to stay over a square table. I wanted a longer and more narrow table that would sit under the stick while I worked on it.

I checked what I had on hand in the basement. I had a leftover piece of plywood about 5 feet by 1 foot, I had a leftover privacy fence slat, and I had some leftover cut pegboard pieces. One pegboard piece was 12 inches by 37 inches. When I sanded and cut down the privacy fence slat, I had two pieces that were 36 inches long, and had found two more pieces that were about 12 inches long in a corner. Put together, that amazingly made a box that was 12 inches by 37 inches, roughly, so no need to even cut the pegboard piece. I used the plywood on the bottom, centered the walls of my box on it, glued and screwed everything then caulked all the edges (with leftover caulk from a bathroom project).

The only thing I didn't have really was a hose connection port, which was easily found on Amazon for about $7 with one day shipping. I cut a 2.5 inch hole, then caulked and screwed the port into the side. Now I connect my Shop-Vac's 2.5 inch hose into the port, and I have what so far appears to be a working down draft dust collection table. I used a few small pieces of scrap wood with my plastic sawhorses, and it sits just under the sticks I'll be working on!

Much thanks to Randy for that post from almost 7 years ago!

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My dust collection system is called the floor.
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Looks like a nice dust table. Glad the information was helpful. But like you I learnd about that form another carver sharing. That is the great thing about this site and others. You can find answers and ask for help when you need some thing and most of the time get a answers. The big issue is so many sticks out there and so little time.
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