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I have seen quite a few shapes of walking stick handles so thought I would post a few pics here of some for comments

My personnel favourite is the cardigan shape with a water buffalo horn cap and collar along with a carving put on it.

But this is a subjective as with most things .I haven't included any rams horn sticks here

I do think the English rams horn walking / hiking poles are a better more refined stick and very highly prized here but its easy to understand why when you see them they take longer to make and highly polished with a exceptional transition fro topper to shank and well balanced

the first 4 photos are from" carving "Animals canes and walking sticks with power" by Frank C Russel .the same book as CV3 used for his elephant carving Pretty handy book for several project

5 photo a cardigan stick

Handles are only limited to our own imagination

the rest are just ideas I am plying around with and could easily be turned into a handle with a few modifications to shape and size

The females head is a knob stick its already carved but not mounted

there are other styles

Font Diagram Parallel Circle Slope
Automotive design Fluid Font Material property Illustration
Hairstyle White Human body Jaw Organism
White Organ Jaw Font Line
Human body Jaw Handwriting Organism Gesture
Human body Jaw Handwriting Organism Gesture
Mammal Art Pattern Handwriting Font
Vertebrate Jaw Mammal Organism Gesture
Automotive design Font Art Parallel Pattern
Vertebrate Handwriting Font Line Parallel
Trigger Line Wood Air gun Gun barrel
Head Jaw Organism Font Gesture


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